Leadership Analyst


The Leadership Analyst is designed to make your organization more effective. All organizations face similar challenges in merging a wide variety of personalities, skills, and experiences into an effective team. High turnover rates are common and are expensive, creating an incentive to improve retention. Hiring processes can be improved by developing a rich database on performance related qualities. Professional development activities can be directed toward areas of highest gain.

Experience Database

Provides a single source of personnel history for:

  • - Educational Background – University, degrees, and specialty, job role ID and location (i.e. district and campus).
  • - Performance level and improvement rate of the district or campus for each year employed there.
  • - Professional certifications.

Succession Planning

Select candidates based on skills and experience. Accelerate organizational adaptation to new leadership.

Special Features

Culture Map
View of individual and group qualities.
Skills Appraisal
Measures Leadership, Interpersonal, Communication, Decisiveness, Planning and Organization, and Administrative skill levels.
Resume Builder
A single source for building personnel history including degrees, certifications, and performance.