Joe Almazan

I have had the pleasure of showing your program to a lot of teachers and they are just amazed on the possibilities it can do. We have not touched all of the features of your software but I guarantee you that after our State Assessments coming in April, we will start doing more with it.


Susan White

Campus Online is the first company that we have found who has been totally responsive to our feedback in developing their program.  They are open to suggestions from the real users-the classroom teachers.  Your staff has provided program improvements and enhancements based on this feedback.  They have encouraged us in the use of our current technology to implement their program.  They recognize the financial constraints that educational institutions must maneuver and provide solutions that help us provide maximum resources for our teachers at a minimum cost.  We sincerely appreciate the par

Coordinator, Instructional Technology


Given our deep involvement with schools and student performance, ERG has had the opportunity to work with CBA data involving over 89,000 teachers. 


Our system include data from over 9500 campuses giving us a deep understanding of the data and how it relates to productivity and growth.