Don has excelled in any role that he has been given during his career. Starting as a design engineer, he gravitated to the use of sophisticated simulation technology to optimize designs and save millions of dollars for clients. He trained himself in the use of database technology and won a prestigious award for designing and implementing a database to manage construction of a billion dollar nuclear power plant. He changed careers to work with a small, engineering software company and quickly became the top trainer of engineers in the company. After that, he went into sales and was the top performing sales representative in the company for 2 consecutive years. Don's passion is using technology to solve complicated business problems.

"Sometimes we forget that education is about the kids. Our tools free the teacher from doing mundane clerical tasks. That time that is freed can be used to work with kids, and help them achieve more."

"After I spent a year in the education industry, I realized that there was no Consumer Reports for instructional activities. When I buy a car, I can get a comparison of 30 different functions like gas mileage, road safety, and maintenance costs. A teacher does not have this kind of guide when selecting activities to instruct students. I asked myself why not? So one of our objectives is to provide this capability for teachers."

"George Allen, football coach for the Washington Redskins, was famous for constantly asking everyone on his staff, "What are you doing today to help the Redskins win?" I believe that this attitude works in education. We should ask ourselves, what are we doing to help our students learn better."