Mark has broad experience in software development. He has developed sophisticated engineering products from conceptual design to finished products. He has managed the development and maintenance of huge, complex applications with millions of lines of program code. He has worked in small, start-up companies, and large, multi-national conglomerates.

Mark has always brought a customer focus to the development process and has consistently brought products to market faster and more reliably than industry standards. Mark brings multiple viewpoints to the development process, with Masters Degrees in Chemical and Materials Engineering (ME), Business (MBA), and a Doctorate in Law (JD).

"It is important to understand both what the customer is trying to do, and what development strategies are possible. You have to know both sides in great depth before you can commit to a product design that will work. You can learn a lot by getting a well-thought-out product into the field and learning from how the customers use it. You can never figure out all of the options in advance. The tricky part is to start with a good design and to be able to add functionality without ruining the application through increased complexity."

"There are a lot of very fancy looking products on the web today that are not practical for education. When you get below the surface of the products, you see that the designers and implementers of the product did not understand the needs of their customer base. Our customers are aware of many more features than their organizations can practically absorb. We do not get into the feature battle in the competitive sense. We want to have the features that can be designed and written very soundly."