Paul has created and managed pioneering efforts in software in multiple industries. The software applications are used world-wide by Fortune’s 500 companies.

“I have found that small, innovative companies provide the ideal environment to develop applications to support large industries. This concept worked well with very complex engineering applications for the energy industry. The concept transfers easily to education.”

“Education has complex needs that can only be solved using world-class software technologies. The leverage gained by using software is substantial. Schools face caps on revenues and an expanding cost base. The only practical solution is to improve people efficiency.”

“Selecting the right software application is not easy for any organization. All applications address the same general problems. The difference is in the small things. We spent 6 months understanding the nuances of the TEKS and TAKS so that our users did not have to. Most companies do not spend the time to get the hard parts of the application right! We have always developed customer-friendly applications.
We have seen too many “easy-to-use” programs that did not really do much. The customer spends more time doing their job with the application than without it. Our philosophy is to understand the business process and design the application right the first time. In engineering, this is called “first principles.” In education, they call it best practices.