District & Campus Analyst

The District Analyst combines a database of performance data for public education in Texas with a suite of analytical tools. All performance is relative to you peers. Are you improving faster than others? Who are the high performing districts or campuses?


    Product Features

    District & Campus Analyst

    Help solve district and campus leadership challenges:

    • Compare performance with peers to benchmark the effectiveness of internal strategies.
    • Identify high performers in all areas of academic, spending, and staffing.
    • Prioritize areas of improvement.
    • Monitor progress of key strategies.
    ERG Performance Matrix

    An integrated view of performance to provide insight into academic effectiveness, operational efficiency, and productivity.

    Predictive Model

    Provide insight into your current strategies. Will they continue to improve performance? Are other districts improving faster? Discover the strategies behind fast growth districts and campuses. Evaluate alternate strategies for your own district and campuses.

    Analysis Model

    Evaluate your strategies using computer models before implementing them.

    Special Features

    Accountability Optimizer 

    Quickly identify strategies to improve accountability ratings.

    Comparison Tool

    Compare your district or campus to another or to a peer group.

    Search Tool

    Quickly search the state-wide database to find districts that have solved challengers that you face.

    Staffing Models

    Increase the effectiveness of your staff by using models that optimize academic outcomes.


    Determine how to allocate your limited funds by comparing with other, high-performing districts.